Our Services

Our services include psychometric assessments for individual hiring, promotion, development, coaching, and designing hiring systems.

Selecting Talent

As corporate psychologists, we use advanced psychological testing to help companies make fair and informed decisions about talent acquisition and promotion. By identifying the personality traits and abilities that contribute to success, we help companies build strong, high-performing teams.

Hiring systems are designed to help the organization to quickly and cost effectively identify talent. The hiring systems that we design are owned, implemented, and managed by our client organizations. Our ongoing role is to monitor, ensure accuracy and fairness, and provide support to the hiring team.

Our assessment not only evaluates a leadership candidate’s abilities and personality characteristics for job success but also predicts their fit for the culture and immediate team, as well as potential challenges they may face during their transition to a new organization.

Organizations struggle to find the perfect candidate who meets all their needs. A good candidate may lack some required qualities or experience. An onboarding assessment can identify areas where new hires need support and recommend effective solutions.

Talent Development

Identifying and managing employees’ potential is crucial for business success. Our development assessment identifies an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to provide customized recommendations for their growth as a higher-value asset to the organization.

Effective leadership requires developing new skills, self-awareness, and understanding how one’s personality impacts others. Our assessment provides insight into core personality, identifies drivers for leadership success unique to each individual, and offers recommendations for facilitating leadership growth.

A High Potential Development Assessment predicts an individual’s capacity for advancement several levels beyond their current role and identifies skill and experience gaps that should be addressed to do so. It also maps a career trajectory and provides long-term developmental recommendations to ensure growth progress.

A Team Analysis Assessment identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a leadership team to improve collaboration. This assessment is particularly critical during organizational changes, mergers, acquisition, or deploying private equity. Team management analysis is critical for the successful deployment of your greatest investments: human capital.

Robust succession planning in order to identify future leaders is key to an organization’s long-term success. Our succession assessments take into account your company’s needs, values, history, and culture to identify and develop talent.

Self-awareness and effective behaviour are crucial for job success, professional/leadership development, and career progression. A 360-feedback evaluation gathers feedback from subordinates, peers, and superiors to identify work-related strengths and weaknesses, enabling individuals to adjust their behaviour and enhance team performance.


We’re good listeners. As consultants we routinely provide objective professional advice to organizations on a wide range of personnel matters.

Executive Coaching is a goal-driven and time-bound process that fosters insight and behavioural change, resulting in improved leadership and increased mentorship value within the organization. It provides a private space to discuss challenges, learn new approaches, and develop skills with an experienced professional.

Leaders and employees may face specific stressors and issues that impact their performance and the business. A few consultation sessions and targeted resources can assist them in overcoming a hurtle, leverage their strengths, and set up a realistic and specific developmental plan.

Our career coaching and planning service helps individuals identify rewarding career directions using psychometric and interview data to explore potential paths. We facilitate collaborative conversations to assist in taking real action towards career goals.

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