Hire right – the first time.

When management considers final candidates for key positions, assessments by Stefan, Fraser & Associates’ assessment add value to the decision making.

Our analysis of candidates is intensive and in depth and provides practical insight that the hiring team can use to make decisions. We start by working with hiring managers to gain a clear understanding of the nature, requirements, and context of the specific job for which the candidate is being considered. We then meet with the candidate to obtain background information and conduct job-related psychological testing. Results of the assessment are reported to management.

The resulting picture of a candidate’s management and work styles provides key information. Strengths can be matched to the job’s key performance requirements. Shortcomings can be matched with the resources available to support and develop the selected person.

Successful candidates receive feedback that is focused on job success, while development-oriented counselling is provided to unsuccessful candidates.  The assessment experience is generally regarded as positive and something from which they can grow.