Stefan, Fraser & Associates Inc. can help you choose a career that most closely matches your personality, interests and values.

Our service can be of assistance to people who are at a career crossroad – people who see the need for a change, and who want to be sure that the new direction fits their talents and interests. It may also benefit those who are on the threshold of a career – people who are contemplating further education or new graduates who want to realize the greatest gain from their educational investment. This assessment provides individuals with clear indications of appropriate career directions that, with self-development and training, are likely to prove satisfying and attainable.

Setting new career goals integrates a diverse range of data. Our psychologists and consultants offer skilled and seasoned expertise. We will assess personal qualities, characteristics, values, interests, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and barriers using formal assessments. We use aptitude, personality, interests, and other types of testing for an independent, objective appraisal, followed by comprehensive discussion of the career assessment results.

As we work in industries and sectors that span the full range of the North American economy, we bring assessment skills and market realities to early and later-career planning.