This program begins with an interview, which includes developing an understanding of the person’s current role and career aspirations and continues with an in-depth assessment to ascertain relevant aptitudes and abilities, career values, interests and work-related personality characteristics. Through the process, the participant gains a comprehensive picture of strengths to build on and areas in which improvement is important, and specific development activities that will help them fulfill their potential.

The program continues with a 360 degree feedback instrument which is designed to help individuals understand the perceptions others, with whom they work closely, have of them including their leader, colleagues, direct reports, clients and customers. Results from multi-rater feedback questionnaires provide an even clearer understanding of the individual’s strengths and development opportunities, as they are viewed by others.

The participants learn how to prepare and implement an individual development plan, get experience in doing so and learn how to coach others in building and implementing such plans. They develop a deep understanding of the following competencies required in effective leaders:

Use Insightful Judgment Lead Courageously
Think Strategically Drive for Results
Apply Financial Acumen Focus on Customers
Innovate Promote Collaboration
Influence Others Adapt and Learn
Engage and Inspire Build Relationships
Ensure Execution Inspire Trust
Coach and Develop Talent

During training sessions participants gain an insight into their present strengths and/or development opportunities in each competency, and get experience with methods and resources available to help them provide resources to (and coach) others who require growth in any of these areas.

Upon successful completion of a development plan, and approval of the plan by their leader, participants receive Stefan, Fraser & Associates Certificate in Leadership Development.