Can she run the company? Is he ready to lead people? What type of training would be most beneficial?

An organization’s future depends upon the growth of its employees and managers. Corporate executives need to know the management or growth potential of staff and their development needs. Identifying employee potential, building skills, and seasoning of employees are crucial for organizations to stay strong, adapt to new challenges, and grow.

Today’s workforce understands that job security cannot be guaranteed and that career security is gained through continual building of individual skills. Better employees place major emphasis on continuous learning. They will move on from organizations where they are not learning to those in which they are offered substantial growth opportunities.

Stefan, Fraser & Associates Inc. provides work-related psychological assessment of employees’ and managers’ current capabilities and information regarding their potential for more advanced positions.

The process begins with developing an understanding of the person’s current role and career thoughts. It is followed by in-depth an psychological assessment to ascertain relevant aptitudes and abilities, career values, interests, and work-related personality characteristics. Through the process, the employee and management gain a comprehensive picture of strengths to build on, areas where improvement is important, and specific development activities to help fulfill that potential.

The comprehensive assessment of managers for development purposes can be augmented by multi-rater (360°) feedback evaluations, and executive coaching. Together, these services enable managers to gain insight into how they are perceived by those in their spheres of influence and reflect more deeply on the implications, meaning, and effectiveness of their actions.

The combined effect of these interventions is to empower top performing managers and employees to take their careers and their organizations to the next level.