There are times during a career when an employee may struggle. This may be due to the pressures of the position, conflicts within the work place, problems at home, or mental or physical health issues.

Sometimes an individual, someone key to the functioning of the company, is struggling with issues that have a direct, noticeable, impact on the organization. It is important for him or her to have timely, confidential access to a qualified professional resource familiar with both occupational and personal adjustment issues.

There may also be situations where an employee has behaved inappropriately in the workplace and evaluation is required to ascertain his or her risk of it happening again.

Employees returning to work following stress or medical leave may benefit from an evaluation of their readiness or an intervention to facilitate their successful reintegration.

Many organizations have employee and family assistance programs or extended health plans that cover some therapy services. The resources of Stefan, Fraser & Associations Inc. are not meant to replace those services. Our service is designed to provide quick-response consultation in order to clarify issues (or make diagnoses) and provide recommendations to assist the individual in planning the next steps in order to return to his or her previous level of functioning – personally and professionally.