Hiring decisions are moving outward in many organizations, from senior management to front-line managers and work teams. Hiring systems need to be designed and installed to equip the decision makers with the resources they need to select the best. To meet stringent standards of employment equity, fairness, and validity, Stefan, Fraser & Associates is at the leading edge of this practice. 

Our work in this area begins with a rigourous analysis of job competencies, relying on input from job experts familiar with the needs of the role. This ‘bottom-up’ process results in strong validity and buy-in from both management and candidates.

Many of our hiring systems also involve a behaviour-anchored screening and interview system, which may include testing components. We custom design this and then train line staff in the program’s administration, scoring, interpretation of results, and reporting. This training has proven successful, even with individuals who have never before made hiring decisions.

The hiring systems that we design are owned, implemented, and managed by our client organizations. Our ongoing role is to monitor, ensure accuracy and fairness, and provide support to the hiring team.

The foundation of a competent, adaptable work force is hiring the right people – after that, staffing, training/ developing, and utilizing human resources become most effective.