Multi-rater (360°) feedback programs are available for senior executives, managers, and supervisors, as well as for people with no supervisory responsibilities.

They are designed to gauge the perspectives of the individual by those with whom he or she works closely – the boss, colleagues, direct reports, clients and customers. Results from multi-rater feedback questionnaires provide a clearer understanding of the individual’s performance, strengths and development needs, as they are viewed by others.

Our multi-rater feedback questionnaires are delivered online through secure systems and can be completed at the convenience of the respondent. Confidentiality is assured.

We will interpret the information gathered, provide feedback, assist the individual to write a development plan, and can be available for follow-up to help coach the individual in implementing the plan.

Data from multi-rater feedback can also be combined with results of a work-related psychological assessment to provide a comprehensive picture of an individual’s work performance.