External search services are used by managers for many reasons: to assist with sensitive hires or with some key positions that are especially difficult to fill. At these times, a consultant can be valuable. Stefan, Fraser & Associates Inc. has long been regarded as an experienced Western Canada search firm. We provide highly reputable, secure, first contact.

Our search work begins by assembling a detailed picture of position respon­sibilities and results required, competencies needed, and important personal qualities.

Focused advertising is combined with direct contact to generate a pool of strong candidates.

Rigorous background reviews verify each candidate’s track record and history of accomplishments. Psychological assessment of the person’s management skills brings forward a detailed picture of the compatibility between his/her management style and the client organization.

We work closely with line management to appoint strong individuals. Management receives detailed reporting and recommendations to assist in the new employee’s introduction and orientation, supervision, and development. The appointed person receives detailed counselling to assist in his or her effectiveness and growth.